Optical Microscope pictures of PI

Particle Interconnect via

Connecting two conducting surfaces together.

Particle closeup Connector closeup

Particle Interconnect piercing SDRAM DDR1 package balls

Particle Interconnect planarity and accuracy

Following picture demonstrates planarity of pads and accuracy of alignment of particles on pads.

PCB traces with pads Close up

Note sharp corners of the particles that make electrical contact at very low pressure to form a temparory bond. Solder would wick into spaces between the particles during reflowing to form perament bond.

Cross-section of the Particle Interconnect (PI) pad shows planarity of a single pad as well as planarity to adjacent pad. Close-up of PI pads shows controlled stacking of particles to a desired height with clearance between individual particles.

Beam bent against ball

Magnified 200X.

Beam bending

Travel/length is 30%.

0.001" thick x 0.008" wide x 0.008" long beam Beam bent once 0.020" down and once 0.025" up