Removable die Multichip Module

  1. Removable die MCM - L/D/C
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Removable die MCM - L/D/C

Removable die Multichip Module - L/D/C

  • Socket with heat sink.
  • (a) heat sink, (b) precisor, (c) bumped-die socket. (Dielectric web material not shown.)
  • 0.004" Particle Interconnect bumps (red & blue color) on BeCu (gold color) create Particle Interconnect bridges with 0.004" travel.
Removable die MCM Louver contact

Successful projects

Particle Interconnect - Hughes Aircraft 1988 joint venture in Known-Good-Die

Resulting in a supercomputer assembled with Known-Good-Die in 2" x 4" x .1".

Science/Scope 1989 Hughes Aircraft Company:

"A new technique for packaging large-scale integrated circuit (IC) chips will permit much denser packaging on the substrate than previously possible. High-density multichip interconnect (HDMI) technology, being developed by Hughes, is designed to meet the needs of the next generation of VHSIC II hybrid circuits, which require dense packaging with no signal degradation at frequencies over 100 MHz. HDMI packaging achieves these results using a multi-layer substrate, a polymer dielectric highly suited to fine line metallization processing, and lithography techniques capable of producing 10-micron line widths. The technology is expected to be used in radar, sensing, tracking and guidance programs."

"The Data Memory Structure (DMS) multichip module is a very high speed cache memory system, switchable at high speed, to either of 3 input or output ports."

"HDMI can accommodate six 129K gate arrays (.640x.640 mil/die, 550+ pads/die; total 750,000 gates and 3,300 pads), 52 capacitors, and 24 - 15 nsec SRAM (32+ pads/die; total 750+), interconnected (using 70+ mil wire bond alleys) on a 2" x 4" = 8 in2 substrate having 368 I/O's."

"Performance of high speed circuits is also enhanced with low K polyimide dielectric used in the HDMI multilayer thin film (solder sealed ceramic leaded package) structure."

(All components tested/burned-in/speed sorted using PI resulting in 15+% yield improvement over production parts. Die price set at $5,000@ x 6 = $30,000, therefore DMS price >$100,000@)

PI's proposed removable die MCM-L/D/C to Hughes Aircraft.

Proposed to purchased a wafer for a total of $1,000 which was comprised of 300 die (5K gates/die .275 x .275 in.2/die, 180 pads/die for a total of 1,500,000 gates and 54,000 pads) interconnected on a 4" x 6" = 24 in.2 substrate. 50 mil pitch array yielded up to 9,600 I/O's.

Cost is further reduced by common low K polyimide multilayer PCB using 6+ mil pitch traces.

Environmental sealing of each die would also produce better reliability and upgradeability.

Particle Interconnect - Hughes 1989 Fire Finder MCM

Particle Interconnect - Sandia Lab mBGA KGD packaging solution

For multichip modules and chip on board.